Yoga classes  ONLINE

Join me for online yoga via Zoom. Beamed direct into your home for a live class, or recorded to watch anytime for your convenience. Recordings of live classes are valid for 10 days after broadcast, so you have plenty of time to catch up. 
All classes are suitable for complete beginners and experienced practitioners alike. 
In class we use Yoga (postures, breathing, meditation and chanting) to connect to our body; our body to our mind; to connect to the present moment and to experience, and learn from our body; bringing about balance and wellbeing on many levels. 
The word Yoga is derived from a Sanskrit root yuj meaning to join or connect, often translated as Union. Yoga is a transformative practice and so is difficult to put into words as it needs to be experienced! 
​'The Practice of yoga is the commitment to be established in the state of freedom'
- Patanjali 1:13 (translation by Alistair Shearer)

Classes to resume mid-September, please email:

if you'd like to be kept informed


Sophie’s online yoga class is a pretty fantastic place to be. I love the way you can either stream live or practise at a time that suits you. Sophie’s practice has a wonderful mix of postures that are both relaxing and strengthening. And if you are really, really lucky you might get a guest appearance from Donald, the majestic, mischievous moggy” 

- Bindi, East Sussex

Free Gifts

Here you'll find some freebies - meditations, yoga nidra & yoga classes via my YouTube channel. 

Yoga Nidra RelaxationSophie Marsh
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Yoga Nidra meditation - often called 'yogic sleep' this is the ultimate relaxation! Helping you to access your parasympathetic nervous system and calm the stress response. Perfect before bed and at anytime of day where you need a rest and reset.

Find a comfortable place to lie down to relax but not fall asleep, keep warm with a blanket or two, a pillow for your head and if you have eye patches or a an eye pillow it's nice to cover the eyes too. When you are ready, play the recording.

Here are a few videos from my YouTube channel, you can find more by visiting

Rise Up Wild Yoga