The Wild Magic of Summer Solstice


Workshop with Sophie Marsh

Saturday 20th June 2020

3-5pm then 6-8 pm

Deer Looking Back

Are you feeling lost and unsure how to move forwards in challenging times?

Are you longing for ways to feel more connection?

Do you seek ways to stay grounded, centred and nourished?

Do you wish to find ways to give back, in a way that harmonises with life?

Do you feel a calling to restore sacredness into everyday life?

Would you love contact with kindred souls during this ancient festival?

Are you called to feeling freer in your body and mind?

Would you like to invite in more wildness to your being?

Girl Running in Field at Sunset

Wildness is a natural state of being that we will awaken during this journey together!

I’m Sophie Marsh, I’m a shamanic wilderness guide. I guide people to the wild spaces within themselves and (when not in a global pandemic) to the wild spaces outside. I’m also a yoga teacher and student of Vedic chanting.


In this workshop I’ll weave together the strings of my personal practices to create a beautiful Ceremonial cloak for us to collectively wear, within this blanket of inspiration you will receive a wild retrieval to ignite your natural wild being and a Celtic fire ceremony to set intentions for the way ahead.

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~Get ready to grow and heal~

  • A brand new journey – A Wild Retrieval

  • Expand your heart – A Reciprocity Ritual

  • Ancient chants  - Bring Healing to our modern world

  • A Solstice Fire Ceremony - The time is ripe for new manifestation

  • Awaken the Celtic power of the midsummer fire ceremony in your life


The natural doorway to being wild is rooted in connection


Awaken that gift in this four hour workshop to celebrate the Summer Solstice. Discover the magic of turning the Celtic Wheel.  We will join in circle to honour the Earth, the Sun and the elements, nurturing our connection to Nature, to each other and to ourselves.

Get ready to get creative,

to awaken your wild heart, 

and set your dreams free!

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Take a leap into The Wild Magic of Summer Solstice!

Course cost £35*

Early bird price £29 

if booked before Midnight on Friday 12th June 2020

* If your heart calls to do this course but you can't afford the full price, please pay what you can afford and just let me know that's what you're doing. No questions asked.