Shamanic healing is energy-based; it works to transform negative energy patterns and clear blockages that may have resulted in an imbalance or dis-ease and to return positive energy that may have been lost (usually due to life circumstances such as stress, trauma, shock or illness) realigning energy to it's natural flow and returning the client to wholeness.



The work is done from the heart, shamans and shamanic practitioners are 'light workers' - we work with compassion and total regard for our clients, bringing back the light that can be so easily lost in this modern world.

power retrieval

One cause of illness is personal power loss. A Power Retrieval returns this vital and protective energy that was lost at some point in your life.  We can lose our power when it’s taken away from us or we give it away – situations such as bullying, being undermined, shouted at, harassed, abused etc. can cause power loss. You may have been left feeling vulnerable and literally ‘powerless’ in some way.

The symptoms of power loss include chronic bad luck, illness, fatigue, accidents and misfortune, feelings of stuck-ness etc. 


A Power Retrieval restores your personal power, bringing back supportive, positive energy sometimes in the form of a Power Animal or Spirit guide, that offers protection and gives you the opportunity to feel healthier, stronger and more vibrant.