Illuminate your Heart!

Online Shamanic drum & journey Circle


Join me for Illuminate your Heart, a shamanic journey & drum circle, connecting hearts and minds. 

I will guide the evening as we drum together and travel into ‘non-ordinary reality’ to gather gifts, guidance and receive healing.  Learn to see with your ‘strong eye’, your heart, as a way to access and experience divine wisdom, connect with your subconscious and your spirit guides.

No experience necessary! I will gently and lovingly guide you through the process if you have never experienced a shamanic drum journey. Please wear warm, comfortable clothes and bring along the following items: a notebook and pen, an eye cover or scarf and a bottle of water. Bring your rattles and drums if you wish to join in the noise making in your own home, or relax and listen to the beat of my drum. 

Our next session will be in September, details to follow - booking essential to receive your zoom link, please fill out the form opposite - even if you have already signed up for a workshop with me before as you will automatically be sent the link afterwards. Thanks! 

Native Drums

Thanks for registering, you will be sent an email to confirm your registration and one with your Zoom link,

A quick note: It's been suggested to me that I offer people the chance to make an energetic exchange for the sessions. I have to admit, it felt very blocked for me to ask for money, as I feel this work is so needed just now. However, in the spirit of reciprocity, I will gratefully and happily except any donations for these journey circles :-) Thank you xx


About Sophie


I'm a yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner, firewalker and all-round adventurer based in the Heart of Scotland. 

My own adventures have taken me to the jungles of SE Asia, the Peruvian Andes, the mountain ranges of North America and the Scottish Highlands and Islands, which were my home for over 10years. 


Rise Up Wild helps people to restore, replenish and reconnect through yoga,  shamanic therapies and ancient ceremonies that facilitate deep healing and self-empowerment. My classes, retreats, workshops and one to one sessions offer people the opportunity to reconnect to themselves and the Earth on a soul level, sparking joy, vitality and creativity.