About me

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"My mission and passion is inspiring people at a Soul level to follow their dreams through dynamic transformation. Whether that be in the movement of the body, the movement of the breath or a heart set alight by ancient ceremony..."

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My academic background of ecology and environmental stewardship was the spark that lead me into my never-ending excitement for sharing the magic of Nature and wild spaces. Along that path, I had a heart calling to train as a yoga teacher that connected my longing to enliven our bodies with that of the earth. The perfect evolution from this was into Shamanism. This ancient healing wisdom has roots in beautiful cultures such as my own Celtic ancestry (Druidry) as well as Native American. Growing up in the natural beauty of the Westcountry I could not resist the call of the mountains and the sea. It was a natural step to then move to the Scottish Highlands and Islands. Through my journey, I have honed the ancient medicine of Storytelling and Mantra chanting, and can thus support you in sharing your own stories and words of power. In harmony with my love of introducing people to the magic of wild places, I lead empowering Firewalks and share the deep medicine of the Sweatlodge ceremony. My greatest teachers have been the gems I have gathered from my personal quests to places such as the Machu Picchu and Andes, and my three month Initiation on the Pacific Crest Trail through the mountains of North America. 

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My Background

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I grew up in a coastal village in South Devon, where I developed my love for jumping into cold water! Spending time on Dartmoor, soaking in that ancient energy and landscape, I was always attracted to the Celtic Otherworlds. I moved North in my 30s to heal from M.E/Burnout/Chronic Fatigue and washed up on the fringes of our Western seaboard; the wild west coast of the Outer Hebrides. There I allowed Nature to "wash my Soul clean" as I trained as a yoga teacher with the Inner Yoga Trust, and worked as a conservation officer; counting seabirds and traipsing across the vast moors. I fell utterly in love with the wild beauty of the Islands and lived there for many years.

I met my spiritual teacher, Peggy Dylan, at Lendrick Lodge in the heart of the Trossachs. There I trained in Shamanism, which felt like a 'coming home' and self-empowerment and healing practices. I am a Sundoor certified Firewalk instructor, Sweatlodge water-pourer and Concious Breathwork practitioner. I weave ritual and ceremony into all I do and I teach from this place of connection and Heart. 

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