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Welcome! I am taking some time to go inwards this Winter and will re-emerge in the Spring with Retreats, Workshops and a bi-monthly Shamanic Drum & Journey Circle.

Please fill in the contact form below to be kept up-to-date with happenings and offerings.

In the meantime, please visit me at my Etsy shop Shaman Shed for shamanic Art, Rattles, Smudge fans & more...

Rise Up Wild offers Retreats, Yoga classes, Workshops and Shamanism in and around Stirling and the Highlands of Scotland.  We are dedicated to exploring and restoring the sacred magic of wild places; taking people on journeys of discovery and welcoming souls home to themselves, the wild spaces within, and to Mother Nature.


Awaken new levels of happiness and find the power of your heart’s calling through the magic of yoga, ancient ceremony, and a soulful connection to all things wild!

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Sophie Marsh

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I'm a yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner, firewalker and all-round adventurer based in the Heart of Scotland. 

My own adventures have taken me to the jungles of SE Asia, the Peruvian Andes, the mountain ranges of North America and the Scottish Highlands and Islands, which were my home for over 10years.


Rise Up Wild helps people to restore, replenish and reconnect through yoga,  shamanic therapies and ancient ceremonies that facilitate deep healing and self-empowerment. My classes, retreats, workshops and one to one sessions offer people the opportunity to reconnect to themselves and the Earth on a soul level, sparking joy, vitality and creativity.

"You carry Mother Earth Within you"

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“A trusted friend told me that Sophie could carry out a Shamanic healing for me after a particularly traumatic year, I received  an extraction and power retrieval. I find it hard to describe the feelings and sensations I experienced but it felt transcendent, mystical and plain magical, most importantly it was the turning of a new page and chapter in my recovery."

Fraser, Edinburgh